Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Are you looking forward to shipping your car but haven’t the clue where to start off from? You shouldn’t be worried as much since this is a problem that many people are faced with. Fortunately for you, we have come up with a great plan that will help you resolve this problem. Please read below…


Step One

  • First and Foremost decide on the date and the locations that are convenient for you to ship the car to and from. Go online in search of reputable transporters in the country.
  • Take your time to peruse through different providers and settle for the best provider that meets your needs.
  • You can now prepare your car for shipping.
  • Kindly note that most transport firms have standard requirements. However, see to it that you find out exactly what the transport company you have settled for wants in particular.


Step Two

  • The government which is represented through the Transport Department demands that a full set of key be handed over to the auto transport driver. You should present a key for every lock. The most common keys include the ignition key and the key for the boot, but there are certain car models that have a glove box key.
  • See to it that you have made a new set of key should you not have any extra keys. Keep one set and give out the other set to the shipping company shipping your vehicle.
  • It’s your responsibility to ensure that the fuel tank is neither full nor empty. Again your car will not be driven around much and there is no need of having the weight of a full fuel tank added.
  • That said however, you can also cause a-lot of problems in instances when you leave the tank dry and the shipping agency is unable to move your car on or off the transport. A majority of auto transporters advice that leaving your car with quarter tank of fuel is the best way.


Step Three

  • Turn on or off the alarms that are in your car. It’s even best that you give out alarm instructions to the shipping company.
  • Never should you allow the shipping drivers get trapped in a screaming car without a clue of how to stop the noise, and definitely you shouldn’t look forward to a dead battery after delivery of your car!


Step Four

  • Remove anything that is likely to fall off or anything that is likely to get knocked off. For a majority of cars; it’s important that you take down any removable antennae and lock it inside the boot.
  • Label the antennae and tape it down in case if the shipping firm will be forced to open the boot of your car.
  • Take out any racks that are not original to your vehicle.
  • Take off your Ski racks, luggage racks and bike racks and place them inside the car.
  • Take down any items that are hanging low, items such as; spoilers, fairing and air dams.
  • These are measurements that will make sure that simply driving your car up or down a ramp will not cause any damage.
  • Finally, clean your car.
  • A clean car is easy to identify any dings or marks that are in existence before you ship it out.
  • You will be asked to conduct an inspection with the transport driver before and well after the transport.
  • Should there be any sort of damage to the car glass, you should have it fixed before shipping.