Technology Used By Logistics Companies

Technology boosts marketplace logistics by according logistics companies with plenty of information about what is taking place and where in the supply chain.

This process is known as Resource chain visibility.  Communication technology makes it possible for all affiliates of the logistics grid to easily collaborate creating an atmosphere of latent reduction in expenditures.  Below are important bits of technology necessary for smooth operation in Logistics companies.



Info is a critically important factor for the development of efficiency in logistics operations. While there is weight on costs, a lot of logistic corporations have resulted to low cost-production in developing markets across the globe.

Due to such results, many logistics firms find themselves trying to achieve a worldwide logistics operation. Having said that, logistics firms are well aware that uncontrolled logistical costs are capable of spiralling and wiping out any saving that were made at the manufacture level.

In short, it’s an easier option to collect info in every phase of the logistics chain allowing corporations to recognise any inadequacies so that they are able to progress operational expenditures.



Any logistics firm knows how cargo theft poses a great risk. The American Bureau of Investigations (FBI) reported that in the United States Alone, cargo theft leads to annual losses that reach $30 Billion. These and many other statistics in the United Kingdom and across the world has seen logistics companies introduce tracking devices to their cargo.

These devices have made logistics more secure. Through the placement of a portable transmitting device attached to the freight, operators are now able to track and observe cargo all through its journey thanks to a world-wide system equipment and wireless communication.

Interference attempts to the security system transmits real time alert signals to the operative urging immediate response.



Interactive communications are capable of enhancing market logistics procedures by connecting affiliates of the supply chain. Input of important and operational info plays a huge role in increment of productivity and reduction of principal times.

A sole network integration supports a logistics supply chain capable of rapid adaptation to change and new openings.



Logistics companies are now capable of utilizing website portals and are able to offer affiliates of their logistic chain with information access as well as information application allowing them to support the following aspects;

  • Demand forecasting
  • Bar-code brand generation
  • Purchase order Management
  • Shipping Notices

Portals technology improves collaboration between members of a supply chain making it stress-free to manage critical logistics information.


Radio Frequency Identification Labels

Also known as RFID tags, are a technology that relays information of a certain product and the product’s journey all through the supplies chain. Users are able to sequence the tags in ways that help them seize particular types of info including; when and where goods get manufactured, filled and finally shipped from.

The data relayed from this technology is used in various ways including:

  • Improvement of efficiency at the warehouse
  • Improvement of the inventory management
  • Improvement of various logistics operations

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