Hop-Forward Pale Ales

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BY hemron/ 21 Apr 2022

Hop-Forward Pale Ales

There are several popular beer styles to try out, and one of them is the highly favoured, hop-forward pale ale variant. Considered to fall in-between light lagers and dark stouts, pale ales are flavourful, pale golden to deep amber beers with moderate beer brewing strength.

High-Quality Malty Beer

Created in England, the name was originally used to distinguish top-fermented beers brewed from paler malts. There are now various styles, including American pale ales, Belgian ales, Scotch ales, and double India pale ales, also known as IPAs. There are also English Bitters which come in ordinary, special, and extra special variants. Pale ales have a rich malty, sweet taste and are very approachable and high-quality. They are made with yeast fermented at warmer temperatures to give a smoother brew and a sweet, somewhat fruity taste. They can be paired with light meals like salads or heavier bowls of chilli and seafood.


These ales are rich in silicon; therefore, they have some relation to better bone health. There are many options to try out, but you should go for the good old Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, a Double Dry Hopped Fort Point pale ale or one of Three Floyds Brewing Company’s Zombie Dust pale ales.