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Beer types

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Hop-Forward Pale Ales

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Are you a beer lover looking to try something different? The malty-flavoured amber-coloured pale ales might be what you need.

A Pint of Beer

Vegan Beer

Vegan beer is produced world-wide to cater for people practsising veganism. The craftsmanship is constantly evolving and innovation is the key.

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Irish Stout

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Our site has beer reviews from all around the world, and it’s a small wonder. Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink available, and the options… Read More »Irish Stout

Beer Brewing

Beer Brewing Process

The beer brewing process is a straightforward one. This is why craft beers are of many varieties, flavours and types depending on the brewer

Dublin Beer Halls

Enjoy Your Beer in Dublin Beer Halls

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Ireland is famous for its breweries and Dublin beer halls are the places you need to visit to have a taste of the best beers. Here are the top spots.

Craft Beer

Craft beer dublin

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With craft beer Dublin you’ll definitely get into the St. Paddy’s Day spirit with beers and a slice of Irish soda bread.