1000ml Glass Beer Mug

1000ml Glass Beer Mug
Brand: EUAltom
Size: 16.0 H x 12.5 W cm
55.99 GBP
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This glass beer mug with a decorative bottom for true beer lovers. It is the most popular dish for serving golden liquor. It has a vessel with an ear, usually a solid one, with a thick bottom. The beautiful beer mug with a bottom decorated with a star is characterized by perfectly transparent glass, which is free from harmful substances. The unique shape and excellent quality glass will make the beer from this mug taste extremely special. The capacious beer mug allows gas bubbles to escape slowly. A solid handle will make enjoying a chilled beer much more comfortable and pleasant. The glass is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. It can be washed in dishwashers without fear, the glass does not tarnish and remains crystal clear.