Best Of Qwerty Beer Box Mixed Craft Beer Hamper

Best Of Qwerty Beer Box Mixed Craft Beer Hamper
Brand: QWERTY Beer Box
Size: One Size
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8 Bristish craft beers, championing the brilliant independent breweries from right here in the UK. Tasting notes and premium snack add to the experience OUR FAVOURITE BEERS of all the 500+ we sampled put together in one hamperMEMORABLE & PERSONALISED GIFT for any beer loving friend with tasty beer snack, free personal gift messages, event related gift stickers and chosen delivery dateUNIQUE SELECTION of Pale Ales, IPAs, Bitters and Lagers - not available in supermarkets & sure to delightTAILORED EXPERIENCE with personalised tasting notes, brewery anecdotes & beer matSUPPORT LOCAL independent South West breweries & new UK StartupFULLY RECYCLABLE packaging & quick timely deliveryWhat can you expect?We’ve sampled a lot of beers since we started QWERTY and here are our all time favourites of the ones we sampled and sold! 8 authentic craft beers from independent breweries all over the South West of England and Wales. This ‘Best of QWERTY’ hamper has been handpicked to ensure a great representation of the British craft beer scene and we’re excited to share it with you. In our ‘Best Of Hamper’ selection we are offer 8 different designs (shown in images). These include:1) Happy Birthday2) Beer Gift3) Merry Christmas4) Thank You5) With Love6) Cheers Dad7) Cheers Mum8) Enjoy the Game! We curate our regional selections from the best tasting local beers in that area. We reach out to as many of the independent breweries in a region, sample their beers and put our favourites together into a hamper for others to experience. In this case the 8 beers incuded are 8 of our all time favourites out of the 500+ we have tried.The breweries that we decide to work with are all independent and have complete control over their recipes and quality.ABV’s (4.1 - 5.6%)Ingredients & Allergens: All beers contain water, malt, barley (gluten) & hops. As shown in the image the snack contains nuts. This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.