Single Prometeo Opal Glass 25X24cm Salad Bowl [761639]X2

Single Prometeo Opal Glass 25X24cm Salad Bowl [761639]X2
Brand: Bormioli Rocco
Color: white
Size: 11.0 H cm
17.85 GBP
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This elegant glass bowl with its eye-catching artistic look is perfect for serving salads and displaying fruit in a most sumptuous fashion. Through its continuously evolving design, in line with contemporary living and constant refinements to traditional glass-making techniques, Bormioli Rocco glassware exhibit quality, style, and all-around practicality. Today, Bormioli Rocco is one of the world’s premier makers of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, carafes, and decanters. Their extensive range extends to include food storage, jars, dessert dishes, and other tableware. Bormioli Rocco: synonymous with Italian quality since 1825. Bormioli Rocco Opal Glass produces a characteristic shade of white that is ideal for tableware. The essence of the material guarantees purity, hygiene, and safety. The absence of porosity prevents external substances from being absorbed even if the product is slightly chipped, so maximum hygiene is guaranteed. Bormioli Rocco Opal Glass is dishwasher and microwave safe. The tempering process provides a very high resistance to stress from daily use and frequent washing cycles, delivering products that last longer than regular glass, ceramic and porcelain dinnerware sets.