200ml Tempered Salenco Salad Bowl

200ml Tempered Salenco Salad Bowl
Brand: Luminarc
Color: white
Size: 10.0 H cm
8.25 GBP
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With this truly stylish and decorative salad serving bowl from Luminarc, you’ll be able to amaze your family and friends at the next family dinner while you serve a delicious salad. Add simple elegance to your table with these Luminarc salad bowls. The bowl is made with a stylish design, giving it a unique and chic look that can add a lot of character to your table. This salad bowl is made of extra resistant tempered glass, making it dishwasher safe as well as freezer and microwave proof. Its stylish curvy design makes them easy to stack and adds a touch of elegance to the dining table while allowing you to rest your spoon in the dish making it easy to serve and place on the table. The durable glass bowl can be used for many purposes including salads, fruit, and veg or even as a centrepiece to add much-needed decor to your table. Luminarc glassware continues to inspire worldwide. With constant refinements to traditional glass-making techniques, Luminarc glassware exhibit quality, style and all-around practicality. Today, Luminarc is much more than one of the world’s premier makers of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, carafes and decanters. Their extensive range extends to include food storage, jars, dessert dishes and other homeware. These bowls are available in a pack of one and a pack of two so you get more value for money!