240ml Lead Free Crystal Martini Glass

240ml Lead Free Crystal Martini Glass
Brand: Diamante
Size: 3.94 H x 7.48 W cm
14.95 GBP
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A pair of premium crystal glasses for Martini, cocktails or prosecco made from plain, premium crystal, but with a twist! We have removed the stem and replaced it with a sturdy base, perfect for nights in. With a more relaxed and casual look, these stemless glasses are also much easier to store and to wash. We are proud to present these glasses as a part of our Auris collection which is our essential, simple crystal tableware collection featuring red, white and champagne glasses as well as tumblers, high balls, brandy glasses, gin glasses, pilsner and craft beer glasses, martini glasses, saucers, aperitif glasses and a wine carafe, available in different quantities in our Diamante branding. Perfect for a co-ordinated dinner party or as a gift collection. Set Size: 2