6 Piece 500ml Tempered Glassware Set

6 Piece 500ml Tempered Glassware Set
Brand: Luminarc
Color: brown
Size: 8.0 H x 11.5 W cm
29.92 GBP
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These clear glass mugs will enhance and complement your hot drinks to a new level. Add simple elegance to your table with these Luminarc coffee mugs. These glass mugs are suitable for both cold and hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, and are especially great for your morning espressos. With a great capacity, they will add a cute sleek design to your coffee get-together with friends or family. Each cup also features glass handles so you can hold it with a hot drink inside without having to worry about burning yourself or dropping it. The transparent and brilliant qualities of the glass material add an extra touch of style to this fashionable repurposed look. Made out of tempered glass they are microwave safe and five to six times more resistant than normal glass and withstand constant use so they will last longer making a non-porous, cleaner, more hygienic glass. Luminarc glassware continues to inspire worldwide. With constant refinements to traditional glass-making techniques, Luminarc glassware exhibit quality, style, and all-around practicality. Today, Luminarc is much more than one of the world’s premier makers of wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, carafes, and decanters. Their extensive range extends to include food storage, jars, dessert dishes, and other homeware.