Acuna Glass

Acuna Glass
Brand: Etsy - THICCBOIS
Color: Clear
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Acuna is the Spanish word for coins. The Acuna glass was thusly named for the flattened silver fumed maria’s on the base giving it the appearance of stacked gold coins! The spherical body is perfect for swirling your favorite brew & the wide lipped mouth allows you to get all those great aromas! The Acuna is the counterpart to the Andromeda, get yourself the matching set today! Craft Glasses For Craft Beer! #ThiccBois Specifications: - Volume: 16 - 19 Oz - Glass Blower: @RickBirdBarry - Fumed: Silver Note: All glasses are made to order, so please allow 3-5 days for production. These glasses are made individually by hand. Please hand-wash with extreme care. As with any piece of glassware, it is common for small air bubbles & other imperfections to appear. The imperfections will not affect the quality of the glass, but if this is an issue for you, please do not purchase our hand-blown beer glassware. All sales are final. Acuna Glass