Beer Chugging Fountain

Beer Chugging Fountain
Brand: Etsy - EarthForgedCreations
Color: Brown
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What does every bar, home, & beer lover need? A Beer Chugging Fountain. The fountain gives the illusion of a beer being poured into a mug. It even comes with a coaster to help complete the look. The fountain looks great by itself, but when you plug it in, is when the fountain comes to life. The pouring produces the soothing sound of water falling. & when the water hits the pieces of Chrysocolla, beautiful blues & greens are revealed. Many people believe Chryscolla has healing properties, but I just like the colors. The pieces were found by me out in Nevada. The Beer Chugging Fountain has a small base so it can fit in most places. The fountain is an original design & handmade. What’s Included: -Beer mug with pump -Beer bottle -Coaster -Filler Rock -5 Pieces of Chrysocolla Diameter of base is 4 inches. See more fountain information under the frequently asked questions section. I ship using flat rate boxes & currently I don’t offer gift wrapping. However, if this is a gift, I would be happy to put it in a brown box for you. So when you receive it, you just have to pull the brown box out of the flat rate box & wrap it. If you want me to do this, you just have to email me after you make the purchase. Beer Chugging Fountain