Celtic Dragon 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard

Celtic Dragon 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard
Brand: Etsy - WentworthPewter
Color: Silver
40.95 GBP
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Celtic Dragon Pewter Tankard 1 pint capacity Pewter tankard with a celtic dragon wrapped around the body Scroll style handle Engraving is placed either above the celtic band on the back or above the dragon on the front. Supplied in carton box Height: 115mm Base diameter: 115mm Weight approx: 250g Hand made in Sheffield UK To see more of our tankards & other products visit our etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WentworthPewter?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Pewter tankards are an ideal gift for any celebration - the engraving option allows you personalise the gift for the recipient or to mark it as your own. What better way to celebrate than to rise a tankard to say thanks & then have a gift to be retained as a long lasting memory & a potential heirloom for future generations Wentworth Pewter is a hallmark of quality, heritage & craftsmanship. Each of our products has been lovingly handcrafted, one piece at a time, at our works in Sheffield, UK, the heart of the metalwork industry. We believe a special gift deserves special treatment, & it’s the unique combination of innovative design & traditional skill that makes Wentworth Pewter standout. Hold one of our products in your hand & you’ll be able to see & feel the difference by the weight, finish & polish of every piece. Celtic Dragon 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard