Commemorating Vietnam War

Commemorating Vietnam War
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Hand made wall-mount wooden plaque commemorating the Veitnam war. Bottle opener incorporated. I was born in 1964. I own a farm in the Jezreel Valley in the north of the State of Israel, at the foot of the Nazareth Mountains. When I was born, the Vietnam War was in full swing. I grew up & read many books about the war & of course I saw movies on the subject & also the documentary series produced about the war. As someone who served as a soldier & officer in the Israel Defense Forces, I have always greatly appreciated the soldiers who fought in this war. Away from home, in extremely difficult conditions, in front of an enemy who is not always visible. On the other hand - the soldiers weren’t always backed by their homeland during the fighting or when they returned home. Soldiers, as always, obey orders. They are not a political echelon that makes or takes decisions. The product was created out of a lot of respect & appreciation for the soldiers who fought in Vietnam. Those who gave their lives & those who were wounded or injured in their body or soul as well as their families. I created an art product that commemorates them. The product is made in my art workshop where I make art products that are related to the world of the Wild West. The products are made from recycled materials: used wood, iron cut from the remains of an industrial plant & recycling of some of the packaging materials. The painting process of the items is partly industrial, but most of the items are painted by hand. Products that have horseshoes incorporated in them, are made with used horseshoes. The workshop is part of a an environmental monument of an old west town combined with a small museum that is situated inside the art workshop. I hope you will be able to see the connection & integration between the American culture of the Wild West with an art product to commemorate the warriors in the Vietnam War. Commemorating Vietnam War