Don't Be A Twatwaffle

Don't Be A Twatwaffle
Brand: Etsy - NewExpressions20
Color: Clear
7.72 GBP
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Sip in style this one of a kind item. It makes for the perfect gift for that one person in your life (you know…that one)! This one of a kind personalized drink ware will let you drink in style all while making your friends envious. Each piece of drink ware is made with high-quality Oracal 651 outdoor vinyl that is rated for 6 years of use. No need to worry about this fading for falling off. These are handmade items & made to order. Some imperfections may occur as each item is individually created at the time of purchase. Remember we can customize to your needs (all included in the price), just ask. You must clarify a color you want the design in, or a color of the shops choosing will be selected Don’t Be A Twatwaffle