Ford Motor Company - Beer Bottle Opener

Ford Motor Company - Beer Bottle Opener
Brand: Etsy - SpearheadCollection
Color: Silver
13.41 GBP
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Thank you for viewing our products. > We offer a unique range of Vintage-Style Antique Iron Hardware. Our products are all handmade & hand-finished. >While we ensure Antique Iron products are clean & ready for use, you may find residue of waxes & oils left on them that are easily removed with WD 40 & a paper towel. >Many of the items have small dings & quirks by design to give that authentic vintage look & age naturally over time. (placing an order means you are fully aware of this) >Shipping costs are calculated & shown at checkout >For extremely time-sensitive orders, please contact us first to tell us what you need, how many, & by what date you need it. Shipping is ground approx. 7-10 days. >PLEASE NOTE: - We do not deliver to PO Boxes. >You can also browse our full product range from our main website to take advantage of our deals & reduced pricing. (website orders take priority) Go to:- Ford Motor Company - Beer Bottle Opener Cast Iron - antique iron finish c/w screws Ford Motor Company - Beer Bottle Opener

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