Guinguette Flute

Guinguette Flute
Brand: Luminarc
Size: 12.0 H x 7.0 W cm
13.99 GBP
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These Luminarc stemmed wine glasses are the perfect item to add to your glassware collection. With an elegant look and short stem, these glasses make the ideal item for all your events and get-togethers. Made out of extra strong tempered glass you can be sure these are ultra-resistant to getting chipped or broken. Easy to stack due to the design of the glass they are simple to store while not in use and are wonderful for usage at bars and all special occasions. With a choice of two capacities, these stemmed cups will fit a nice amount of liquid in to sip on to your heart’s content. Luminarc glassware continues to inspire worldwide. With constant refinements to traditional glass-making techniques, Luminarc glassware exhibit quality, style and all-around practicality. Today, Luminarc is much more than one of the world’s premier makers of wine glasses, beer glasses, carafes and decanters. Their extensive range extends to include food storage, jars, dessert dishes and other homeware. They come in a set of six or twelve so pick the option that attracts you the most. Set Size: 6