Heavy Double Lined 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard

Heavy Double Lined 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard
Brand: Etsy - WentworthPewter
Color: Silver
50.95 GBP
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Heavy Weight 1 pint capacity Pewter Tankard Double line detail to top & bottom of body Square handle Touchmarked near rim towards handle Bright polished finish to both inside & outside of tankard Ideal for engraving - usually done in the middle section facing a right handed drinker Supplied in carton box Height: 125mm Base diameter: 115mm Weight: 340 grams Hand Made in Sheffield, UK To see more of our tankards & other products visit our etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/WentworthPewter?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Pewter tankards are an ideal gift for any celebration - the engraving option allows you personalise the gift for the recipient or to mark it as your own. What better way to celebrate than to rise a tankard to say thanks & then have a gift to be retained as a long lasting memory & a potential heirloom for future generations Wentworth Pewter is a hallmark of quality, heritage & craftsmanship. Each of our products has been lovingly handcrafted, one piece at a time, at our works in Sheffield, UK, the heart of the metalwork industry. We believe a special gift deserves special treatment, & it’s the unique combination of innovative design & traditional skill that makes Wentworth Pewter standout. Hold one of our products in your hand & you’ll be able to see & feel the difference by the weight, finish & polish of every piece. Heavy Double Lined 1 Pint Wentworth Pewter Tankard