Humoristic Vinyl Decal

Humoristic Vinyl Decal
Brand: Etsy - FairePartBedonaBebe
Color: Black
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Permanent vinyl decal sticker. Application of the decal on glass, cup (not included). Vinyl decal stickers. High quality black or white vinyl. Has an outdoor durability of up to 6 years & a thickness of 2.5 mm thickness. DO NOT PUT in THE DISHWASHER! 1-Prsence de mon caf 3x5 2-Amour et alcool 3x3 3-Amour et vino 3x3 4- Amour et bire 3x3 5-Amour et caf 3x3 6- D’eau frache 3x4 7-Licorne - shu duh fuh cup 3x3 8-Chat - shu duh fuh cup 3x3 9-Licorne - Fluff you 3x3 10-Chat - Fluff you 3x3 Shipping in 1-3 open days. Postes Canada delay 2-4 open days. ExPRESS DELIVERY UPGRADE ONLY AVAILABLE in PROVINCE OF QUEBEC. Product code: VINYL-24 Faire-part Bedon Bb 2021 Humoristic Vinyl Decal