Kristen Patinated Copper Topped Bathroom Unit

Kristen Patinated Copper Topped Bathroom Unit
Categories: Beer Tables, Cooler Bar
Brand: Urban Grain
Size: One Size
6995 GBP
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Kristen Patinated Copper Topped Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Sliding Steel Inlaid Doors Bathroom Unit with Industrial Sink and Mixer Tap not given Patinated Copper Topped Reclaimed Scaffolding Board and Sliding Angled Steel Inlaid Doors Bathroom Unit with Industrial Sink and Mixer TapThis has been another amazing commission…. we were tasked to come up with a cool bar unit for our clients in Derbyshire…Our clients are amazing… this is the 6th piece they’ve commissioned from us… they loved the bronze fittings we first used on the Niko system and wanted to incorporate copper too… the design details evolved over several weeks as we tossed ideas around… it’s a great way to work !!! Sometimes we do things this way, and sometimes are clients have very specific ideas of what they want… and then there our clients who fall in between these two extremes….This was the first time we used angled steel in a sliding door system, a patinated copper surface and an unusual industrial style basin and tap… they were as super excited about it as we were…… I hope you agree that the result is stunning… super unusual and totally unique ! … Everything we do is made to order and because we design and make everything ourselves we can easily accommodate any design requirements you might have… just contact us for a chat… pretty much all of our listings are a result of other client’s requests so prices are indicative of a bespoke product - the price won’t dramatically increase because you want to add a few centimetres here or take a few centimetres away there - we’re not importing and selling hundreds of products of a particular size… We make everything ourselves from raw materials in our little workshop in an old Victorian hat factory in Manchester…… The design process is really varied… but generally speaking it is done remotely as we have clients all over the world… thank goodness for technology ! With a combination of email, scanned sketches, technical spec drawings, skype, phone calls, emails and sending samples in the post we can achieve a totally fool proof bespoke design service… generally with the more complicated projects we do the install, but not always, you can see examples of installation videos here -… we just love what we do and love to provide a great bespoke service… why buy off the shelf when there’s just no need to… we can create something totally unique for you !Please contact us to discuss any ideas or obtain quotes…