LAV Misket Craft Beer Glasses - 400Ml - Clear - Pack Of 12

LAV Misket Craft Beer Glasses - 400Ml - Clear - Pack Of 12
Brand: LAV
Size: 16.0 H x 7.0 W cm
21.86 GBP
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This set of 12 Misket Beer Glasses from LAV makes the perfect serving vessel for your favourite craft beers, IPA and ales, with a distinctive shape specially tailored to transform every sip into a true tasting experience. The craft beer industry is experiencing a real boom period, with increasing numbers of consumers abandoning the tired palates of the traditional ‘mainstream’ lagers and ales in favour of the almost limitless variety of options now readily available from small-scale and independent breweries. Of course, any craft connoisseur worth their malt will tell you that, in order to get the best from your beverage, you need to drink it from the right glass! With a silhouette based on the classic ’tulip glass’, our Rink Drink Beer Glasses feature an elegant bowl shape that tapers towards the rim. This shape encourages the aromatics produced by the beer to develop and intensify, before trapping them in a lively head that lingers for your continued enjoyment and appreciation. The addition of a short stem allows you to cup the base of the glass, aiding heat transfer and thereby bringing ales and stronger craft beers to their optimum temperature.