Pale Ale: Home Brew Beer Making Ingredient Kit

Pale Ale: Home Brew Beer Making Ingredient Kit
Brand: Bottle Topped
Size: One Size
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Brew craft beer at home. Ingredients and instructions for our easy-to-make, small-batch pale ale. We use premium, fresh ingredients. Makes 5 litres (9 pints). If you’re new to beer brewing, or wanting to buy the perfect gift for a beer-lover, partner or dad, see our Home Brew Starter Kit which comes with the equipment too.About the brew:Slap on some factor 50, fill your cooler with a few bottles of this easy-drinking pale ale and we’ll see you down at the beach. Packing a serious citrus punch, this west coast-style hazy pale can be drunk Monday through Sunday, with or without the Californian sunshine! ABV: 5.0%Ingredient Kit Includes:- Malted grains- Hops- Brewers yeast- Sterilising tablets- Instruction card & online step-by-step videoCheck out our Home Brew Starter Kit if you also need the equipment! not given All-grain recipes; our kits use fresh malted grain and hops.