Pint 570ml Glass Pint Glass

Pint 570ml Glass Pint Glass
Brand: LAV
Size: 15.3 H x 8.2 W cm
10.99 GBP
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The range of beer glasses serves as a representation of the company’s ongoing commitment to bring contemporary design and innovative styling to your drinking glassware. Based on the classic silhouette, the shape of these pint glasses is immediately identifiable by the soft bulging effect that occurs just below the rim. This seemingly innocuous stylistic feature, in fact, offers three key benefits: it improves the grip around the glass. It helps to prevent the glasses from sticking together when stacked. It improves the strength of the glass and serves to protect the rim from being chipped if dropped. The 570ml capacity of these glasses makes them perfect for serving full pints of beers, lagers, stouts, ciders and ales. Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function, the collection of beer glasses is sure to fill your home. Shop the range today. Set Size: 6