Vita Glass - Cobalt Blue

Vita Glass - Cobalt Blue
Brand: Etsy - PretentiousBeerGlass
Color: Blue
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Vita Glass So I’ve been chasing an everyday drinking glass design for a few years now. For the holiday season of 2022, I’ve released my next two iterations for this versatile style…the Vita & Liv Glasses. Vita is Life in Italian (a nod to my time spent studying art & living in Italy), while Liv is Life in Norwegian (a nod to my norther European heritage). This glass is made to celebrate everyday moments in your life. It’s envisioned to be your go to water glass, your favorite beer glass, your week day cocktail glass. Approachable enough to be used everyday & sophisticated enough to take out when entertaining friends & family. The Vita Glass has a long heritage at Pretentious Glass. This is basically the Malty 3.0. The OG Malty was one of the first five releases when I opened almost 10 years ago. It was transformed into THE Beer Glass, aka Malty 2.0 in the summer of 2019. Now the design has been simplified even further to feature three evenly spaced ovals. These designs feature new glass colors, melted in-house…thanks to our new color furnace named George Colorstanza! It allows us to really dial in what type of colors we work with, while keeping the quality at our silly high standards. Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.5 18 oz Vita Glass - Cobalt Blue