Wentworth 400ml Glass Beer Mug

Wentworth 400ml Glass Beer Mug
Brand: Marlow Home Co.
Size: 13.0 H x 8.0 W cm
18.99 GBP
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Enjoy an ice-cold beer in style with these beer glasses. They are perfect for enjoying a fresh and foamy lager after a hard day of work or during the weekend when you are hanging you’re with your mates. Each cup features a simple, yet elegant design and makes its contents look even more inviting. The glasses also feature handles, making them easy to hold (even if it’s not your first pint that night!) they are suitable for serving any type of beer, lager, weiss beer, and even tea. These glasses are not only suitable for home use, but can also be used in pubs, bars, and restaurants. Their sleek design will blend in well with all other glassware types in your establishment. Set Size: 6