Beer Brewing Process

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BY hemron/ 19 Sep 2021

Beer Brewing Process

Brewing is the process of making beer by steeping a starch such as cereal grains or barley in water and then fermenting the resulting liquid with yeast. Most people enjoy drinking it and this is why you will find many beer reviews all over the internet.

The Process

Brewing has been around for a long time with various beer recipes being found in ancient writing from Egypt and Mesopotamia. Brewing involves a number of basic steps and ingredients and this makes it easier for almost anyone to do it. The first part involves milling the preferred grain of different types of malt.
The second part is mashing – mixing of the grain with hot water. After mashing, the liquid is then brought to a boil. This is where other ingredients such as ginger and molasses are added. Fermentation is then done next where yeast is added to convert it to beer after which it is left to mature for a flavourful and smooth finish.

The Final Stage

The final beer brewing process involves filtration, carbonation, and cellaring. This is where the beer is filtered after maturing for 2 to 3 weeks then kept in barrels called ‘Bright Banks’ where it is carbonated and left for packaging. The barrels can also be used for ageing. The beer is then ready for distribution done in cans, bottles or kegs.