Legbiter Ale – One For The Brewerania Collectors

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BY hemron/ 10 Feb 2021

Legbiter Ale – One For The Brewerania Collectors

It’s easy to try those popular beers you can get anywhere, and you’re sure to have tested some heady seasonal flavours from the world of craft beer brewing. But there are also some seriously rare beers around that are incredibly hard to come by. Legbiter Ale is well worth the hunt just to get a taste.

For avid collectors, finding these precious and scarce craft beers is a life’s work. If you manage to locate a bottle of this Irish nectar or have saved the label, then you’re in luck!

The Legend Behind The Label

This is an English Pale Ale named after the infamous King Magnus Barefoot’s sword. A flamboyant medieval Norwegian monarch and warrior, his exploits in Ireland are well documented. He extended his broad rule to Britain and Ireland, eventually dying there way back in 1103.
Although the king’s body was never recovered, followers found his battle sword and returned it to Norway. His trusty sword, named Legbiter, had an ivory hilt and its handgrip was wound with golden thread. An entirely fitting name for the innovative and bold Irish Legbiter Ale!

Legbiter Ale – Strong Golden Ale

Strangford Lough Brewing Company had a range of five authentic Irish ales on offer. They are all unique blends with balanced flavours and a crisp and refreshing finish. Watch out for the other four on your beer travels too:

  • Barelegs Brew – subtle well-balanced ale
  • St Patrick’s Ale – full flavoured golden ale
  • St. Patrick’s Best – smooth classic Irish malt
  • St. Patrick’s Gold – fruity rich wheat beer

A Full-bodied Flavour To Savour

Legbiter Ale is a strong bitter-style ale. When poured it produces a rich ruby red colour which turns deep amber in the light, with a pale kahki coloured head. Due to the choice of hops, it has a fresh citrus fragrance and light malt aromas.
Full and refreshing, with a caramel bitter finish, it has a pleasing 4.8% ABV. High on drinkability, it’s an ideal choice to sit and savour on any occasion. For beer connoisseurs, there are always little treasures that turn up, and this is one of them. But maybe you should add it to your collection without flipping the cap!