What Is So Unique About Lagered Ale?

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BY hemron/ 15 Apr 2021

What Is So Unique About Lagered Ale?

Since its introduction during the Medieval era, lager has grown to occupy a significant portion of the total beer consumed worldwide. Admired for its crisp look and refreshing, thirst-quenching taste, lager has formed the bedrock of established and growing brands like Budweiser and SLBC, respectively. The global, often subconscious, preference of lagered ale over plain ale has led many to ponder why lager is so loved.

Uniqueness of lagered ale

Lagered ale begins its journey as ales. They are then allowed to mature for a while – from several weeks to months – at cold temperatures. The word ‘lager’, which originates from Germany, means warehouse or storage facility. During medieval times, these storage facilities were caves that held the beers for prolonged periods until maturation has been completed.
Today, pale lager, which features an extremely light to golden colour, has become the most popular lager variation globally. Other variations include the Vienna and dark lager beers. Interestingly, until the mid-19th century, the production of pale lager was not economically viable due to the enormous time, money, and effort it required. Recent technological advancements take at least two months to obtain the distinct bitter hop taste and light colour of pilsner pale lagers. This taste and the effort required to bring it to the tables of millions are the reason why lagered ale is so unique.

How to enjoy lagered ale

Lagered ale is best enjoyed chilled. Most people feel they do not enjoy a beer after tasting just one brand forgetting that beer has different flavours. Drink as many brands as you can to determine the taste that most suits you. Always remember that there is a lot to discover in a single sip of lager—if you do it right. Feel free to try popular brands like Carlsen to distinct lesser-known names like SLBC. Your favourite may not be a brand that everyone knows.